New Certification Option!

The Certification Pathway

Students on can now choose to pursue Certification of their knowledge and skills.

Starting in 2022, Fiona Marques and other graduates of the original Asheville Vedic Astrology Apprenticeship Program will be available to officially assess all the original homework assignments, papers and tests that are included in the Program. students who successfully complete all assessments (including the Practicum Year) will receive Certification and be listed on the Asheville Vedic Astrology website.

How will it work?

  1. Students just need to notify Fiona that they intend to pursue Certification. Fiona will then register them as a Candidate and give them access to our assessment platform (on Google Classroom).
  2. Candidates can then submit their assessible work (papers, homework assignments etc.) in CHRONOLOGICAL/SEQUENTIAL ORDER.
  3. The Assessor (Fiona or another Graduate of the Apprenticeship Program) will evaluate the work and provide feedback.
  4. If the Candidate's work is assessed as successful, their status will be updated on Google Classroom and they will be eligible to submit the next assessment.
  5. If the Candidate's work is evaluated as not yet competent, the Assessor will discuss with the Candidate the outstanding elements and ask the Candidate to resubmit.
  6. When the Candidate has successfully completed all assessible work (as it is listed on, they will be invited to participate in the Practicum Year and join the weekly meetings of the Apprentices.
  7. Upon successful completion of the Practicum Year, they will be recommended to Ryan Kurczak and added to the website.

Is there an extra cost?

Completing the Certification Pathway is not for everyone. Even when Ryan offered the Program, there was always the option for students to choose NOT to complete the Apprenticeship, to not submit assessible work and to participate purely for the knowledge being delivered.


If you wish to follow the Certification Pathway, there will be a considerable investment of time. Each paper can entail 10-20 hours (or more) of drafting, writing and research. There are often two papers per semester and a total of nine semesters - so the time commitment is significant.

Papers are expected to be at the standard of publication when they are submitted. One needs to imagine that one is submitting work to an Astrology Magazine for publication. This is the standard that is required. (ie. complete sentences, elimination of typos, spelling mistakes & grammatical errors, as well as the correct acknowledgement of any sources in accordance with copyright laws etc.)


Following the Certification Pathway will also involve a financial commitment. The subscription price for the Program on did not and does not cover Certification. If you wish to be officially recognised for your knowledge and have access to the Asheville Vedic Astrology website (and be published on Ryan's Youtube channel etc.) there is an additional cost to cover the Assessor's time in evaluating your work and providing feedback.

In 2022, this price will be....(Convert to USD or your currency as necessary.)

  • €10 per homework assignment
  • €30 per paper
  • €10 per resubmit (at the discretion of the Assessor)

N.B. there are some assessments that fall outside this model (i.e. The Timing and Dasas Exam - which will be administered and assessed by Ryan Kurczak, when available (or your chosen tutor) - and The Practicum Year - for full details, see the attached Assessment Payment Schedule for 2022).

As 2022 is the first year of the Certification Pathway for students, the Payment Schedule will be updated when necessary to reflect Assessors’ experience, in terms of realistic amount of time required to assess.


What is the total cost of Certification?

This is going to depend on how long it takes each Candidate to successfully complete all their assessible work and on any resubmits they are asked to pay for. But if the Candidate completes everything successfully in 2022, the total minimum cost is €840. For full details see the Assessment Payment Schedule for 2022.

Does that mean that students will be paying more for Certification than the original students?

Not necessarily. Again there are variables depending on monthly options versus annual subscriptions but overall the total cost of Certification is very similar. For full details see the Assessment Cost Comparison.

Will I continue to have access to the material on

Access to the material on will continue as long as the teachable subscription is paid. The original students DID NOT have ongoing access to video lessons. Instead, all video lessons were removed at the end of each semester. This is a bonus for you.

Is there a time limit to completing Certification?

The original Asheville Vedic Astrology Apprenticeship Program was a 4 year certification course. This timeline will be maintained for Candidates on the Certification Pathway. That is, Candidates will have 4 years from their first enrollment in the program to successfully complete all their assessments.

This can be addressed on a case-by-case basis if required.

Do I have to wait till the end of the program to begin the Certification Pathway?

No, you can submit assessible work as soon as you have been registered as a Candidate on Google Classroom and you have completed the appropriate course of the Program. Ideally, from now (2022), Candidates will be submitting assessments as they go. For students who have already completed the whole Program content, they can start submitting work ASAP in chronological order.

Can I just submit the work I want to be assessed i.e. not commit to the whole Program Certification?

Yes, you can do this privately with your Program Mentor or Tutor.

However, if you want Certification, you need to submit all assessible work in order.

I’ve finished all the material on, can’t I submit my assignments in any order?

No. The underlying andragogy of the Program is that each semester builds on the previous one. Just like building a house, we must start with the foundation and build everything from there. For this reason, assessible work must be submitted in chronological order of the delivery of the material. (Google Classroom will manage this for us by only allowing assessible work to be submitted sequentially.)

For More Information, or to Begin the Certification Process

If you have more questions, or would like to begin participating in this option as a Certificate Candidate, please contact Fiona Marques.

Note: The availability of this option is dependent upon the schedule and availability of Fiona and approved tutors. Please use the contact link above to enquire about the current ability to accept new students at this level of participation.

Video Message From Ryan About This New Offering

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