Introduction to the Lunar Nodes of Astrology

The position of the lunar nodes, from each planet and each house, gives a direct glimpse into how we have lived out our past lives (Ketu) and how we are being called to fulfill a more balanced vision of ourselves (Rahu). The nodes are key to learning and understanding the particular facets of our consciousness. A thorough analysis of how Rahu and Ketu practically relates to our life experience reveals a crystal clear map of Self-actualization, should we choose to follow it.

To date, we have only spoken to the influences of the Nodes of the Moon in passing. This approach has been adopted for a very good reason. You have learned the complexity involved in assessing the strength of a house and a sign. You have learned the subtle energies and nuances of the planets, what they mean and indicate. You have learned to qualify and quantify those planets through shadbala, interactions between planets, and their expression in astrological yogas. So why have we waited so long to address the Nodes? Because the Nodes are shadow planets and they work THROUGH the houses, signs and planets. In order to truly understand how the nodes function, it is of utmost importance to have a solid foundation in what gives the houses, signs and planets strength. It is of utmost importance to understand HOW each planet, sign and house functions as it relates to all of our previous studies. Only then can we see what kinds of powers Rahu and Ketu can work through. Otherwise, at best we are simply guessing, and at worst we are being creatively imaginative. (Of course, Rahu doesn’t mind too much how creative you get or even if what you say about the Nodes is even accurate! Om Ram Rahu Vey Namah!) Yet, as astrologers, it is our greatest desire to rise above imagination and speak directly to what is most accurate for the chart in question.

The position of the nodes by house and sign, reveals the specific issues and growth potential our souls have chosen to attend to in this lifetime. The South Node is a store house of information related to the karmas we have hyper focused on throughout all our past lives. This can often be referred to as our “black hole”, where we get stuck in the past, and where we retreat to when we feel uncertain. The North Node is the balancing point, the area of greatest development and potential. It is also the area of greatest uncertainty, because it is a frontier that our souls have never truly considered, but dearly long to explore. The North Node represents the deepest and most profound desires that, if actualized, can center our awareness in an abiding sense of balance and accomplishment. Growing into the North Node, shines the light on the shadows of our fears, and reveals that which we are truly capable.

  • In this course, we will explore the meaning and life-themes of Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) by house and sign placement.
  • We will examine methods of assessing the nodes to determine if their energies will be easier or more difficult with which to work, by use of the Vedic formula related to planetary dignity.
  • We will discuss the specific influences of the nodes when conjunct each planet.
  • We will also consider how the nodes amplify or fragment the experience of the astrological yogas within the chart.

Our goal is to reveal the inner meaning of the nodes, as they relate to your consistent life themes, and how to live in such a way to bring them back into pristine balance.

Rahu and Ketu are very complex astrological indicators.

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