We have explored the potentials of the Signs, Houses and Planets. From here we learn to further qualify a planet’s expression within the chart.Proper assessments of a planet’s strength or weakness can make the difference between whether a person will actually excel with a particular planet, or if that planet has more obstacles to overcome. By considering the mathematical ratios of strengths between planets you move from an astrologer who says, “Well, you could experience this really bad thing or this really good thing!” to one who can more certainly determine how the planet will actually function in reality. Giving this information to a client helps better prepare the client for the amount of attention they need to give to that planet’s development.

Now we explore the most important mathematical gauge that will serve as a foundation to show:

  • the power and influence between planets
  • the strength of house lords
  • the quality of Yogas (will they really work?)
  • the capacity of the planetary states we call Avashtas

This is called Shadbala. By deep exploration and study of Shadbala we can:

  • understand how a Dasha (planetary time cycle) will develop
  • how strong are the positive OR the negative karmas within the chart
  • how comfortable a person is with the energy of the planets in their chart
  • can the planet in question rise above the difficulties given by other planets.

Shadbala is a foundation for all of this knowledge. And too often, astrologers simply look at the final result of Shadbala, when really, by exploring the finer details of Shadbala calculations, you unlock the more pristine secrets of the planets. Understanding Shadbala will prepare you for an intelligent application of most other astrological principles.

In this course, we will break down and investigate the hidden principles of Shadbala. From this you can even work with a client, looking at Shadbala alone. You can help clients understand the inner workings of their consciousness by considering the individual pieces that make up the whole of Shadbala.

As we dig into this wonderful mathematical astrological principle you will also gain a greater appreciation the subtleties of each planet.

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