Prasna Astrology -The Astrology of Omens Introduction

Prasna is an excellent tool to answer our pressing questions in life. Not everyone needs a full astrological birth chart reading. Sometimes we just have one or two burning questions that need answered to help us deal with a situation or gauge if this is the right time or not to take action. By constructing an astrological chart for the moment a question is asked, gives us insights into the results of taking a certain action. This is the most accurate form of astrology in our current age, because it does not require a client to have an accurate birth time, or even a birth chart at all (although that can be helpful).

The following lectures contain nearly 8 hours of video, using example charts and student interaction to delineate and explain the proper approach to begin practicing Prasna Astrology.

The practice of prashna (or horary astrology as it is known as in the West) implies that there is an intimate link between human consciousness and a greater universal consciousness and that all things are a manifestation of consciousness. It is a most worthwhile subject to study because it can be used to answer important questions regarding the immediate consequences of actions affecting our everyday life.

The prashna chart is calculated for a specific query at a given time and place, and is particularly useful for those people who do not possess accurate information regarding their time of birth. The essential condition for using this form of astrology is that the querent (the person asking the question) approaches an astrologer when he or she feels impelled to seek astrological help for a specific query. As in natal astrology a complete chart is erected, only this is calculated for the time of query rather than for the time of birth. By this “chart of the moment” we can interpret the accurate answer to the question.

In this class, we will learn the basic principles to begin answering questions using Prasna.

The required reading material for this class is the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II, Chapter 13 and 14. This serves as the manual and text for this video course. You are encouraged to purchase this book so that you have access to these chapters. Within the course, there will be references to a manual, that manual IS chapters 13 and 14 of the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II. Please reference those chapters while taking this course.

Note about this bonus material:

The contents of the following lectures can provide great insight into understanding the use of omens in astrology. The astrology of omens (this course) was one of my favorite courses. Prasna continues to be the one branch of astrology I find most accurate and useful. This bonus material is included to give you further insights into the practice of astrology. Learn what you can, ignore what is not useful to your practice. Overall, enjoy the process.

Video and Audio Quality: These courses were recorded before I had the capacity to invest in expensive microphones and recording software.

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