Introduction to the Vargas and Divisional Charts of Astrology

The Divisional Charts of your horoscope reveal how each planet prismatically reflects through all the important areas of your life. The birth chart (varga #1), shows us the physical path you are walking. It shows the concrete experiences you will encounter as evolve through your life path.The birth chart (varga #1) is based on the 12 signs, each being 30 degrees, which we refer to as the Zodiac. However, each degree of every sign has a special meaning and indication. An astrologer with the knowledge of how a planet in any degree will change the meaning of that planet from one chart to the next has access to profound astrological insights. This knowledge is revealed through an exploration of the Divisional Charts, also known as vargas.

In this course we will dive into the inner meanings of the following divisional charts.

  • The Hora– (D2) – Chart for Wealth
  • The Drekkena – (D3) – Chart for Siblings, Courage and Skill
  • The Chaturtamsa – (D4) -The Chart for Property and Abundant Fortune
  • The Saptamsa – (D7) – The Chart for Children, Sexuality and Creativity
  • The Navamsa – (D9) – The Chart for Marriage, Purpose and Dharma
  • The Dasamsa – (D10) – The Chart for Status, Power and Karmic Activity
  • The Dwadasamsa – (D12) – The Chart for Past Life and Ancestral Influences
  • The Trimasmsa – (D30) – The Chart for Health and Well-Being

In course, we will explore:

  • How the natal birth chart reveals and reflects the Hora, Drekkena, Chaturtamsa, Saptamsa, Navamsa, Dasamsa, Dwadasamsa and the Trimsamsa.
  • How to create each of these from the formulas outlined in Vedic texts
  • How planetary and sign based aspects work within each considered divisional chart
  • The role of each planet in each of these Vargas
  • The role of each house within the appropriate Vargas
  • How to synthesize the information given in the Rasi Chart with the Vargas

Our final objective will be the synthesis of the Vargas as they relate to the birth chart for improved horoscopic analysis.

Before beginning the official class material, please review the following videos…

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What Are Vargas Really?

Where Do Divisional Charts Fit in Astrology?

The Most Important Planets in the Navamsa, Drekkena, Etc.

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The 9 Planets of the Navamsa

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