Introduction to Planetary Avashtas

We have explored the potentials of the Signs, Houses and Planets. Moving on from Shad Bala, from here we learn to further qualify a planet’s expression within the chart. How planetary energies coalesce and interact is the true heart of astrological knowledge.Each planet represents a certain power, consciousness and way of dealing with life. Some planets work harmoniously together and others are at odds with each other. Building upon our previous coursework exploring planetary friendships and dignity, we will now consider the numerous possible interactions of each planet. We will assess how planetary interactions affect each planet as a house lord, and the houses in which they tenant. This will give insight into the actual activity and karmas indicated by the chart. Tying this into our Shad Bala study, will give insights into the strength of each karma.

Now we explore the true heart of astrological knowledge that will serve as a foundation to show:

  • The specific interactions of the karmas with a chart
  • Which karmas will be stronger or weaker in their expression
  • Which planets will win out in directing one’s life
  • The actual story of a person’s life as directed by the planetary relationships

Through studying the planetary intelligences and interactions and synthesizing the foundational techniques covered up to this point, we can discover:

  • Will a malefic planet actually do good for an individual
  • Will a benefic planet short circuit one’s good fortune or provide honest grace
  • Can a badly dignified planet still excel with help from his friends, and how
  • Will a well dignified planet be able to overcome his enemies, and how

In this course, we will break down and investigate the profound principles of Planetary Interactions. We will learn to, if possible, untangle the mess of various and diverse planetary agendas within a chart. With this information you can assist a client to see where the consciousness will naturally excel or stumble and where the roadblocks are in effect. Helping a client understand the relationship between their planets, can assist them in consciously choosing to focus on the positive interactions of those planets that are most helpful to their goals and intentions.

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